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Winners of greatest world awards in
thermal-technics area. First and only original boilers.

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Electricity sparingly body - heating body

kompanijaEkoterm 2001 Company produces mostly boilers and system of their own innovation and innovative solutions from thermal-technics area,which are considered revolutionary solutions accepted worldwide. Main activities of Company “Ekoterm 2001” is production and sale electric boilers for central heating. At first, we imported and assembled the single phase boilers made for so called "Russian submarines"-“ion boiler”-“saving boiler”, but later our Development center came out with an entirely new model "VULKAN 3F" - first three-phase boiler...


Newest generation of special ionise termoblok


Main advantages of ion boilers


  • Great energy saving – 50%
  • No heater burnout
  • No malfunctions
  • Small boiler dimensions
  • Soundless when running
  • Ecologically clean and safe

You can order our products via e-mail or order-form in our website, so you could avoid copies which are more and more offered in various websites of EU.

List of authorized dealers will be applied afterwards. Commodity is sent via transport company "Cargo-Partner" or "DHL".

Partners for selling in EU countries are required. All interested contact us via e-mail:





The warranty of the purchased goods can be claimed only if the system is inserted with adequate fluid that the manufacturer recommends:
FE- 1 / Fe -2
In any other case the guarantee does not apply.

Ecological chemicals and equipment


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“Ekoterm 2001” Company was founded in 1999, in Kragujevac. Its operations are based on production of electric boilers for central heating...


1What confirmed our successful work was a leading world award, this prize has a status equal to Nobel Prize in this domain,which is the Gold Star for "Total Quality Managment Model - QC 100” certificate in “BID” (Business initiative directions) organization… Read more…home



Internal measurements for electric energy usage in Istanbul


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